Dry eye syndrome is the most common problem that people have concerning their eyes. It is a condition in which there is a decrease in the quantity of tears produced. The symptoms that can occur include a burning sensation, a foreign body sensation, redness, discharge, and in some cases even “watery” or tearing eyes. If these symptoms are untreated, it can lead to damage and possibly scarring of the cornea of the eye. Dryness can put patients at risk for infections and can decrease their ability to see, even with their glasses. Contributing factors include certain medications, some systemic diseases, prolonged visually concentrating work (reading, watching TV, working at a computer, driving etc.) and even hormonal changes.

Things to do that can tremendously improve and control Dry Eyes are the following: blink more frequently and completely, avoid fans and air currents (i.e., ceiling fans, air vents, wind), hydrate properly (drink plenty of water) and the use of over-the-counter artificial tears. If these things are not helpful, speak with your doctor about punctum plugs or Restasis™ or Xiidra™, both are prescription drops for dry eyes. Also helpful for your eyes and other health related issues are fish oil supplements.