The doctors here at Kirby Eye Center take time for each and every patient in order to give them the care that they need and deserve. In that time, we will perform all necessary testing and prescribe you glasses and or contact lenses if necessary or requested. We accept Medicare and most insurance. Your co-pay, co-insurance, $50 refraction fee along with a nonrefundable contact lens evaluation fee (if contact lenses are address) is due at the time of service.
The nature of your appointment will determine the length of your visit. Since the majority of our patients have significant, complex ophthalmologic conditions, the initial visit is usually quite extensive. You should be prepared to spend at least 3 hours with us. If your condition requires additional testing or immediate treatment, your stay could be longer. As we respect your time, be assured that our doctors and staff will do our best to attend to your needs within a reasonable timeframe.
No Show Appointments: all appointments that are not cancelled within 24 hours of appointment time are subject to a $30.00 no show fee. This $30.00 fee must be paid before we can reschedule your appointment.
We no longer allow patients to email us using the office email address. All communication is required to be secured. If you are a new patient who has scheduled an appointment you should have been given our patient portal information with a personal token number in order to register. You may fill out online forms for your appointment however, there are additional forms to be filled out that you will find below. If you are an established patient you may register and/or log into your patient portal account for any communication or to pay your bill.