At our optical shop, we have opticians and associates that strive to help you achieve your best vision to suit your visual needs. Your sight is very important to us, so the optical teams work closely with our Ophthalmologists to ensure your vision care needs are met and exceed your expectations. We offer the latest Digital Lens offerings, and the most advanced lens treatments available in the Optical Industry. We also have a wide selection of frames, both popular brands, and some names that you may not recognize, but would love the way they make you look and feel. Your eyewear comes with a 30-Day Unconditional Guarantee, where we will gladly exchange your eyeglasses for a pair of equal value (no refunds). We offer both basic protection for your frames under the manufacturer’s warranty (against defects only), as well as an Extended Protection Plan that will cover your eyeglasses for 2 years. Should you break or damage your eyeglasses, your first replacement is free within the first year, and 50% off the retail cost in year 2. It also covers loss, and rolls over to your next pair of eyeglasses should you never use it.It is our intention to consistently and always exceed your expectations. Our aim is to deliver uncompromising quality, education, and outstanding customer service. We strive to anticipate your needs and ensure that your experience is exceptional. Speak to our professionals and they will strive to achieve the clearest vision your eyes deserve.


Our Opticians utilize iPad technology, loaded with a program called Smart Mirror, which will aid in the process of selecting your eyewear, and ensure that they are made with the upmost precision.

With Frame Selection, you can now see what you look like in your selections without having to take off your current eyeglasses! Our Opticians can take up to 4 images, display side-by-side, and can email your images to a friend or family member for a second opinion to help you with your decision.
With Smart Mirror, our Opticians have the ability to demonstrate some of the more popular lens enhancements available, such as anti-glare coatings, transitions, polarized lenses, and the differences between multifocal lenses (progressives, bifocals, and computer). It even has the ability to show you what your prescription lenses will look like in traditional vs. higher index lenses.
With PD Measurements, our Opticians no longer have to rely on millimeter rulers or marking pens to measure you for your eyewear. The Optician simply places a frame reference device over your newly adjusted frame selection, and takes a picture with the iPad to gain pupillary distance measurements and prescription fitting heights that are accurate to the tenth of a millimeter! For the Ideal Fit, or any digital lens offering, you would also hold the iPad as you normally hold a book to obtain your custom position of wear measurements that will reduce adaptation time to your progressive lenses, and improve your vision in every instance.
Speak to one of our Opticians to learn more about this great technology that will reduce the amount of time needed to select the perfect pair of glasses!

Currently, our offices stock between 500-1000 frames on our displays (location dependent) with a variety of different styles and price points to match your needs. You’ll find updated styles to match your needs and personality, and they start at $79! These include notable lines such as:

Ray Ban Clear and Sun, Coach, BCBG, Michael Kors, Nike, Nine West, Diane von Furstenberg, Sophia Loren, Calvin Klein, Ted Baker, Ferragamo, Lanvin, Lafont, Tory Burch, Lightec, Koali, OGA, Police, Anna Sui, Hackett, Pepe Jeans, Silhouette, and Maui Jim, in addition to others.
We perform assessments on a routine basis to ensure we have the appropriate assortment that best suits the needs of our patients.



Our Opticians will work off of any recommendations from your doctor to provide the right pair of eyewear for your vision needs. Enhancements to your prescription lenses are designed to aid in task-related situations, but also aid in improving your sight for any situation you encounter. Some of these options include:

Anti-Glare: We have a new offering from Essilor called Extreme AR. This offers superior scratch-resistance, and a hydrophobic lens surface that repels water and finger-prints/smudges. This treatment also comes with a 2-year replacement warranty (one-time replacement). We also offer Essilor’s Crizal No Glare Lens Treatments (Easy UV, Alize, Avance, Prevencia)
Transitions: Transitions Signature, Transitions Xtra-Active (darkens moderately behind your car’s windshield), Transitions Vantage (polarizes to provide even further UV protection and sun glare reduction off of reflective surfaces)
Polarized and Mirror-Finished Sunglass Lenses
High Index Lenses: Available in 1.60, 1.67, and 1.74 (the higher the number, the thinner the lenses will be in higher prescriptions, with 1.74 as the thinnest option available to the Optical Industry)


Because of our continued partnership with Essilor, the manufacturer of Varilux progressive lenses and Crizal no-glare lens treatments, we are able to have access to a new high-definition progressive lens, the Ideal Fit. This fully customized lens boasts wide viewing areas in all distances, and offers seamless transition of the eye between vision zones. Our Opticians take your measurements via the IPad to achieve precisely the vision your eyes deserve.

We continue to offer the latest in Varilux progressives (no-line bifocals) and Crizal no glare lens treatments for all patients, both insurance and self-pay.
We can process eyewear for any task specific activity, like driving, reading, and computer use. No matter what your viewing distance is, our Opticians can help you navigate throughout the various options available to craft the eyewear you need in your day to day activities.
In addition to traditional Plastic (CR-39) lenses that require an additional scratch-resistant coating, Polycarbonate and Trivex lenses will not only reduce thickness on moderate prescriptions, but are the most impact resistant, and recommended for children. We can also produce High Index lenses in your prescription with thinner edges, and less magnification for higher prescriptions. Our Opticians will work with your doctor to determine what will best suit your vision care needs.
Patient Education Anti-Reflective: Coating that is either applied to lens surface, or embedded in the lens to allow for superior scratch resistance. Significantly reduces reflections, or unwanted glare, off the lens surface to provide the sharpest, clearest vision from your eyewear. Improves reaction time during nighttime driving, and reduces eye strain and fatigue from bright overhead lights and computer screens.
Freeform Lenses (High Definition): Conventional prescription lenses are molded with a pre-determined curve and the prescription is ground from the backside of the lens surface by a lab technician to create your prescription. Freeform technology begins with a flat lens, and utilizes precise computer programs and surfacing equipment to customize your prescription lenses to match the positioning of your eye and how your glasses are worn. Strongly suggested for first time-progressive wearers because of easier adaptation time and wider areas of viewing than traditional progressives/single vision lenses.
Transitions: Polymer inside prescription lenses that activates, or expands, when in direct contact with UV rays from sunlight. Available in grey or brown, they are variable condition lenses that will darken when outdoors, and clears when indoors. Option available that will darken (moderately) behind your car’s windshield.
Polarized: Filter embedded in lens that reduces sun glare off of reflective surfaces such as water, sand, snow, and paved surfaces. UV glare is much stronger when a reflective surface is introduced, so when considering prescription sunglasses, this is recommended to further protect your eyes from distracting sun glare.
CR-39: Plastic lens material meant to be used for lower prescriptions. Can tint as sunglasses, but an additional scratch-coating must be applied to make them scratch-resistant.
Polycarbonate: More durable and impact-resistant than traditional plastic, this lens material is recommended for children, and for safety-related work and other activities (sport glasses/goggles)
Trivex: Form of plastic that is 10% lighter, just as impact resistant, and wearers indicate sharper vision because of less color dispersion than Polycarbonate lenses
High Index: lightweight, super scratch-resistant plastic material that has the ability to be ground thinner. Cosmetically appealing and meant for higher prescriptions where thickness and weight matter the most.

Insurances and Vision Plans we accept:

    • VSP
    • EyeMed
    • Medicare

Many vision care providers also offer second-pair discounts, so speak to one of our Opticians to see what you can save on a pair of prescription sunglasses or backup pair of eyewear.